“Whats Hot” – Website trends 2018

Whats hot Website Trends 2018

Being Successful Is Often Related To Riding The Wave Of Change

Since its inception, the web has consistently evolved. One important lesson learned from all of those years of changes and trends is that being successful is often related to riding the wave of change rather than following in its wake. You can do that by exploring the trends of tomorrow and then looking to incorporate those that are applicable to you before everyone else does.

Balancing aesthetics with functionality is a difficult act, but get it right and you’ll set yourself up for increased user engagement and higher conversion rates. With 2018 just around the corner, we look at website trends you should consider using.

  1. Making Mobile a Priority: It’s true that the importance of mobile-friendly web design has been increasing for the past several years, and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Most of your visitors are discovering, and experiencing you from mobile, hence it is a must to do – to check your website page by page block by block on the mobile interface. If your site is missing this detail you surely need to redesign the website. Also note: No potential customer likes a page that loads slowly, and you don’t want to push prospects to one of your (faster) competitors.
  2. Irregular Grid Layouts: In designers’ never ending quest for more creative and engaging layouts, the grid we’ve always relied on to bring harmony and logic to our layouts has itself become a kind of constraint. Which isn’t to say that broken grid layouts ditch the concept of the grid altogether — instead, they allow images and text elements to drift into and across the gutters that usually serve as hard stops in more sober layouts.
  3. Push Notification with Websites: Web push notifications are clickable rich content messages sent to your device by a website. Push notifications are delivered to your customer mobile device or desktop, even when your browser is closed. With 100 of things competing to get noticed push notification is a sure short way to get benefits are higher engagement without the additional cost of creating a mobile app to replace a website.
  4. More organic and oblique shapes: With the most popular interfaces adopting circular looks and rounded corners the sharp edge card looks are no longer a happy say.. And it’s not just those primary elements growing more organic shapes. Backgrounds now abound with almost amoeboid blobs of color, dramatic diagonals, even dashes of the real world rendered almost cartoonish. Also connecting point is: Nature abhors a straight line, and Designing and developing user interfaces that everyone, including people with disabilities, can independently consume and interact with is need of the hr.
  5. Pervasive interactions and animations: The web isn’t a static medium. With technology growing every day the ability for a web page to not simply present us with information, but to make that information moveand, more importantly, to allow us to interact with and impact that information. done right, even a subtle animation can direct the visitor’s attention to the right content at the right time, helping ensure they don’t miss vital lines of copy, or a conversion-driving form. More specifically, we’re looking forward to more of two particular animation patterns: unusual scrolling rates and page transitions. Animations becoming important aspect of interaction gathering attention with experimenting on scrolling as well as designing looks that differ one page in a single site are becoming an integral part of designing experience. AWW!! –  your customers by movement on their screen.    
  6. Internet of Things Connectivity: Connecting web services to the Internet of Things has been a huge trend in 2017, and it will continue on this path in 2018. IoT devices can include objects as simple as a refrigerator to as complicated as a tidal turbine. These “things” use sensor arrays and server-side processing to receive and act on their environments. APIs that allow web developers to connect and communicate with these devices are currently being created, leading to even more interconnectivity of the next several years. Get ready to stay more and more connected.

Are you inspired and intrigued by these new web design trends? An updated website with rich experiences can dramatically increase sales. Nowadays having a website is more important for the company than having an office. Are you just about to create or redesign your website? Contact us to get it done according to the last word in web development.

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