Design Thinking – A Strategy for Innovative Design

Design Thinking – A Strategy for Innovative Design


The term design has been repeated defined and redefined across industry, people and communities. Today, if we look into a border perspective design is said to be in anything or everything around us. But how can a brand use design in a manner by which it can evolve, engage and entice its costumers?

We all know that a great design has the “WOW” factor that can make the Product more desirable and the Service more appealing to the targeted users. Due to remarkable success rate of design led companies design today has evolved beyond making objects which can be presented as products only. Applying design principles itself in the organization or community seems like a best option for constructive evolution. The purpose of design today is to improve the quality of life for the people, and this purpose is the way a brand can entice its customers.

Design thinking is a process oriented strategy which can be applied at any given point and place to derive result oriented solutions. The base of the strategy is; that any situation should be looked into by not keeping problem as the epicenter but by focusing on solution thus, creating a preferred future.

In 1990’s David Kelly & Tim Brown of Ideo coined the term design thinking. Design thinking offers a structured framework for understanding and persuading innovation in ways that can contribute to organic growth and add real value to your systems. This frame works follows 6 steps to Understand, Explore and Materialize and Idea. This is a simple approach to problem solving and to increases the probability to success and break through innovation. You don’t have to be a designer to think like one. Design begins with setting strategic intentions. If you are mapping out a strategy you are designing.

We at Eduhive lead your brand idea into identifying, communicating and implementing, Design Thinking process. We believe that the work starts with the passions of people we are designing for and ends with creating products, services and experiences that add value to the lives of people they want to reach to.

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